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Welcome to St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church!

We invite you to come and join us this Sunday morning at 8am or 10am and stay for coffee hour in the parish hall. We have childcare for little ones and Sunday School for children during the 10:00am service. We are a parish of members from throughout Lamorinda and the surrounding area. We are a learning community, a worshiping community, and a serving community.  We invite you to explore our website, and contact us with any questions.  More importantly, we invite you to worship with us soon!  No matter where you are on your faith journey, there is a place for you in this community.

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and continues until Holy Saturday (the day before Easter Sunday). The season of Lent lasts for forty days (not counting Sundays), and is characterized by a focus on prayer, simplification, and an attention to the parts of our life (and the world) that are broken and in need of repair. The word “Lent” is related to the English word “length” because the season occurs during the time of year when the days lengthen. Lent is a season of truth-telling and hopefulness for a brighter day. In Lent the church and clergy are vested in purple garments.
Holy Week
While not technically its own season, Holy Week stands as a time apart from the rest of the Church year: the culmination of the penitential season of Lent, and the beginning of the festal season of Easter. This week of transition is characterized by special services that tell the story of Jesus’ last days in Jerusalem; his final meal with his disciples, his betrayal and arrest, his trial and crucifixion, and his resurrection from the dead. The clergy and the church are adorned for Palm Sunday, stripped bare on Maundy Thursday, dressed in black for Good Friday, and resplendent in white for Easter.
Easter is not only Easter Sunday, but also the seven weeks that follow it, culminating on the feast of Pentecost. The season of Easter is characterized by joyful hymns, extra alleluias, and stories of the disciples’ mysterious encounters with the Risen Jesus. During Easter the clergy and church are dressed in white.