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Healing & Helping

The practice of caring for one another as fellow members in Christian community goes all the way back to the Bible, and the earliest days of the Church. Through prayer, visiting, listening, and sharing in sacramental companionship, the members of St Stephen’s strengthen and equip one another for life’s challenges and new adventures. Working under the guidance of our clergy, teams of lay people reflect our commitment to sharing the work of the Church together, and to the glory of God.

Please reach out below for more information. 

Eucharistic Visitors

Eucharistic Visitors are trained and licensed to take communion to parishioners who are at home, in assisted living or hospitalized. Every Sunday at the end of the liturgy, Eucharistic Visitors are sent forth from church to take communion to members   and to share St Stephen’s news, updates and events so members stay connected to the church they love.  Anyone may receive communion at home, or become part of this rewarding and important ministry.


Helping Hands

Helping Hands is a ministry of practical care providing meals, rides, and other household errands for people with short-term needs: after an illness, hospitalization, new baby, or other major life event.


Lay Chaplains

Lay chaplains are lay people from our congregation who have been specially trained and equipped to provide the emotional and spiritual care we all need when faced with a crisis or difficulty, such as loss of a loved one; hospitalization; divorce or separation; loneliness; discouragement; spiritual crisis; aging; or a terminal illness. If you or someone you know have ever experienced one of these or many other life-challenges you or they might benefit from the support and companionship of a lay chaplain.


Prayer Groups

Throughout the week, teams of people pray for the specific needs of our community and the world: daily at Morning Prayer, weekly at our Wednesday Eucharist, and monthly at meetings of our Intercessory Prayer Group.


Daily Morning Prayer

Daily morning prayer is offered in the chapel Monday-Friday at 8am except on holidays. Morning Prayer is a service of readings, psalms, and prayers. Everyone is welcome, and the service is routinely led by laypeople. Consider making daily prayer in community a part of your spiritual practice, and if you are interested in learning how to participate in the service, please reach out.


Intercessory Prayer Group

Though the Intercessory Prayer Group does not currently meet, we hope it will when St. Stephen’s welcomes a new Rector. 

Prayer is the foundation of our faith and our Church. Intercessory prayer is a specific  form of prayer which brings the needs of others before God. There is something powerful and informational about praying for the needs of others; it connects us to our faith, our church, and each other. Members of the Intercessory Prayer Group take time each day to pray in whatever way works best for them for the names on the prayer list and for anyone whose name God puts on their hearts.

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