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Kevin Brown, Nancy Dupuis, Pete & Cynthia Heckler, Luita Lynch, Tom Person, Mike & Kristine Smith, Susie White

Bill & Cathy Byerly, Stuart Campbell, Jan Christensen, Anne Droese, Nancy Dupuis, Erik, Karen Englehart, Kathleen Faraday, Pam Hall, Liz Hansen, Pat & Joe Harbison, Nyla Imberg, Jaci Jernstedt, Cat Jurichko, Karen Kenny, Ann Lawrence, Margaret Mattox, Ronnie McCloskey, Cliff & Nancy Pinder, Laura Seidelman, Merle Silverman, Todd Smith, Roxanna Trutner,  and Marilyn Van Story.  


The staff at Bay Area Crisis Nursery was delighted, overwhelmed and so grateful for the FOUR CARLOADS of formula, diapers, kids' clothes and other treasures donated through St Stephen's this month! Our preschool families generously joined us, making this project a huge success. Your donations, both monetary and in-kind, have gone directly to help struggling families and the caregivers who assist them. Thank you for sharing God's blessings and sustaining God's children. You are THE BEST!

We’re headed to our Summer Era!

We might be headed for warmer weather, but St. Stephen’s isn’t slowing down! We have a great calendar of summer events, and we hope to see you at as many as possible!