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Leadership in the Episcopal church is shared among ordained clergy and lay people. The Vestry,  an elected body, serves as the board of directors and provides oversight and guidance for the church’s “temporal affairs and activities.”

The Vestry meets every month, except in summer, and as needed. Meetings are open, unless an executive session has been called, and parishioners can bring forward topics for discussion. Contact Maria Hjelm, Senior Warden, to bring a topic to Vestry for discussion.


Vestry members serve three-year terms and bear the “fiduciary responsibility” for the life of the parish. The word “fiduciary” derives from the Latin for “faith,” and what this means for us is that the Vestry holds in trust the mission of the Church in perpetuity. The Vestry is responsible for making sure that the parish’s resources are organized for and applied to our true and lasting purpose: “to restore all people to unity with God and each other in Christ Jesus.” (Book of Common Prayer, p. 855.)

In addition, the Vestry sets annual goals for the parish; stewards the church’s buildings, grounds and equipment; works closely with staff and ministry leaders to plan and implement programs; and when the need arises, instigates (initiates) the search process for a new rector.



Senior Warden

Maria Hjelm

Junior Warden

Mike O’Brien


Maggie Boscoe

Recording Secretary

Kathy Andree-Rissel

Deanery Delegates

Diana Clark & Ian Clark

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