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St. Stephen’s Solar

Memorial Garden

Memorial Garden


St. Stephen’s columbarium provides a focus for our journey into death and resurrection, as well as a place where those who grieve can find comfort. Interment within the confines of the house of worship is not only a telling witness to the faith and hope of those who have died, but also an ever present reminder, as the Psalmist says, that we are dust but God’s love will last forever.

Christian interment in the church 

  • From earliest times, Christians have buried their dead in crypts, church yards, and chapels within the church.
  • The solemn interment of the remains of a loved one in a columbarium is in complete keeping with our confidence in our resurrection through faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Internment allows all members of the Christian communion to gather in loving remembrance and to strengthen the bond between the living and the dead.

Christian cremation tradition    

  • As Christians, we regard burning as a properly reverent way of disposing of objects which have been blessed for religious use, e.g. prayer books, altar linens, etc. If it is appropriate to burn what has been set apart and used to the glory of God, how much more so, is it appropriate to cremate the human body and to inter the remains in a receptacle housed in a columbarium. Which is to say, the Christian Church regards cremation as a fitting and appropriate way to dispose of our earthly remains.

Spiritual advantage of cremation 

  • It is comforting to know that the ashes of our dear ones will be placed in a columbarium in a church consecrated to the worship and service of God.
  • In our columbarium, the names of those interred in the niches will remind us to pray for the souls of the faithful departed.
  • The columbarium allows present  members of the church to make important decisions about the disposal of their earthly remains.
  • Members are secure in the knowledge that no great financial burden will be placed on their families after their death.

St. Stephen’s Columbarium

Each niche will provide the person’s legal name and dates of birth and death.  These will be inscribed in a uniform size and font on the face of a nameplate.  A columbarium directory listing the names and locations of all subscribers as well as actual interments will be kept by the church.  The columbarium will be perpetually managed by the church.

St. Stephen’s columbarium has 136 niches, with bronze faceplates. The 3 walls in the columbarium are located in the Memorial Garden between the church and Rectory.

The St. Stephen’s Garden Club lovingly tends to the Gardens. There are benches to come and sit in the Memorial Garden.

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