Onward! Capital Campaign

A Home for All: St Stephen’s Capital Campaign

The Fall 2017 Update

Since the Spring of 2015, the Vestry and clergy leadership of St Stephen’s have been developing a case for a major capital campaign to revitalize our entire campus. What began as a series of conversations about (what else) deferred maintenance has become a community-wide effort to reinvest in our property and in our community, to ensure that we continue to thrive and serve our mission in Lamorinda and beyond.

The mission of St Stephen’s Church is:
To know, to love, and to serve Christ.

The Vision Statement of the Home for All Capital Campaign is:
• Strengthening our Congregation
• Welcoming our Neighbors
• Serving our Community

Our 12-member Steering Committee* along with our 5-member Executive Committee* have been discerning and developing goals and plans which support our mission, correspond to our vision, and express our commitment to vital church community for generations to come.

We are working collaboratively with the Diocese of California, and a portion of what we raise for ourselves will be given in gratitude to support the Expanding Horizons campaign and its goals. DioCal.org

For more information about A Home for All Capital Campaign, please contact our Rector, the Rev. Dr. Stephen Hassett

* Executive Committee: Rev. Dr. Stephen Hassett, Brad Barber, Mindy Bush, D.D. Felton, Scott Rhoades

* Steering Committee: Chris Baker, Alison Eddy, Roy Elliott, Ted Michon, Tracie Nelson, Katie Rittmann, Louise Severy, Jay Stock, Dan Swander, Lê Tran Thi, Tom Worth, Bev Wyllie


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