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St. Stephen’s Solar

Men’s Ministry

The Bow Tie Ministry

Episcopal Shield ties, bow ties, ascots and scarves are available for order through the Bow Tie Ministry. All proceeds will go to the St. Stephen’s Legacy Fund (future capital projects). Please see us after the services in the Parish Hall, look us up on the St. Stephen’s website, or contact Dan Swander or 899-3758. Remember. bow tie tying instructions and lessons are available at no cost …donations accepted!

Men’s Conversation Group

MugThe men meet one Saturday morning each month. This is an informal group that will meet over coffee, from 8-9:30 a.m., to talk about issues of the day, the spiritual life, etc.  Check the Sunday Paper or the Church Calendar for the meeting dates.

Men’s Retreat

Join us every March for the Men’s Retreat  weekend at St. Dorothy’s Retreat Center.  Come away to the Redwoods to reconnect with your spirit and God’s Spirit. Great food and fellowship.  Contact Fr. Steve for details.   254-3770 x12