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Sunday Flowers

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Dedicating Sunday Flowers

Have you ever wondered how we get such beautiful flowers at St. Stephen’s on Sundays? They are paid for by parishioners, who dedicate flowers to commemorate a special occasion such as an anniversary, a baptism, a birthday, a graduation, or in memory of departed loved ones.

The flowers on the altar and in the chapel are purchased and arranged by the Flower Guild, an important part of the St. Stephen’s Altar Guild. If you would like to dedicate flowers for a special occasion or memorial, you can do so by

1.  Fill out a pink flower donation envelope found in the pew pockets, insert your check or cash and put it in the collection plate.

2.  Email or call (254-3770) the church office.

3.  Make your donation by credit card at the e-giving page – click here.   Be sure and choose your donation allocation: Flowers.  Write the donation details in the comments box.

The donation payment is $75+ to dedicate flowers.  Your memorial or special occasion will be featured in the Sunday bulletin and mentioned in the Prayers for the People.

Frequently Asked Questions about Flower Donations

Q. May I pick the week my memorial will appear in the bulletin?
A. Yes, you may.  Please be sure to indicate the date you would like on the donation envelope or when you talk with the office.

Q. Is my flower donation tax deductible?
A. Yes, it is.  Your flower donations appear as a separate line item on your giving statement.

Q. May I pick any Sunday to donate flowers?
A. Yes. However, during Lent, the church is decorated with a Lenten arrangement of rocks and branches in place of flowers.  Memorials and commemorations are still welcome during Lent.

Q. What are some reasons people choose for flower memorials?

A. To glorify God.

  • Memorials for loved ones on their birthday or the anniversary of their death.
  • In celebration of significant spiritual events, such as baptism, confirmation, ordination etc.
  • To honor achievements or milestones, such as graduation, births, birthdays, anniversaries etc.
  • For Christmas and Easter services.
  • To honor a church ministry.
  • In thanksgiving for family.