June 4: Celebrate!

  • We start with the Feast of Pentecost at the 8am and 10am service.

The Season after Pentecost
The celebration of Pentecost; the oldest holy day in the Christian church falls on June 4 this year. On the day of Pentecost, the disciples of Jesus were inspired and enflamed by God’s holy Spirit of love, and the story the Bible tells is full of provocative imagery and joyful exuberance. The Season after Pentecost lasts all the way until Advent. Sometimes called “Ordinary Time,” the season after Pentecost is the longest of the Christian calendar. Readings and hymns during this season focus on the ongoing work of developing and fostering Christian community. During this season, the clergy and church are traditionally vested in green.

  • At the 10am service we celebrate the 2017 High School Graduates.
  • At 5pm we get together for Supper Sunday: Pentecost.
  • This Sunday is also the last Sunday of Youth Group until the Fall.


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