Liturgy & Music

The rite of Christian burial is among the most sacred and important services offered by the Church. When we gather to prayerfully remember and honor those who have died, we create a container for grief which does not deny joy, and we encounter the mystery of life itself: and God at the heart of it, for whom there is neither death nor life.

The Church’s traditions provide for services that are very simple or very complex, but always dignified. Whether you are responding to the recent loss of a loved one or family member, or are considering planning for your own funeral, the clergy and staff of St Stephen’s will walk with you trough the entire experience. Please contact the parish office for inquiries. 925-254-3770.

Memorial Garden
St. Stephen’s columbarium has 136 niches, with bronze faceplates. The 3 walls in the columbarium are located in the Memorial Garden between the church and Rectory. Contact the church office for the cost to reserve a niche.