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St. Stephen’s Solar

Long Range Planning

We have reconstituted the Long Range Planning (LRP) committee!    The LRP Committee members are:  Jason Kaune; Fr. Steve Hassett; Jim Brovelli; Brenda Free; Mitch Templeton; Bob Thompson; Evelyn Berggren; DD Felton; Steve Cassriel; Scott Rhoades.

Long Range Planning

Legacy Update

We’re pleased to report that with donations to the Legacy Fund, Roof/Solar donations, support of the labyrinth, and the donation of property by a longtime parishioner, St. Stephen’s fully paid off our loan from the Diocese of California last month and raised considerable funds for future capital projects.

Due to your generosity, we have paid off our debt. We also have over $100,000 set aside for future capital projects through the Legacy Fund. The Finance and Investment Committees are meeting to determine a responsible investment plan for the Legacy Fund. The Long Range Planning Committee, including Junior Warden Jim Brovelli, will continue to meet to refine plans for the upper parking lot and “welcome circle.” The Vestry will continue to keep the parish fully informed. Please check the website for the latest information.

Our goal has been to create an organic plan for sustainable growth. In the past, our church has followed a more traditional model, common for universities, of large periodic capital campaigns to fund a master plan. This can create excitement but also can lose momentum. In its place, we envision continuing to oversee our capital finances much like our local schools: with fundraising separate from our annual operating budget, project-specific goals and an evolving set of priorities shared virtually.

We cannot say enough how blessed we feel for your remarkable support, including the tremendous generosity of 70 of our parish families, the active participation of our ministries and committees, and thoughtful input provided throughout this process. Please continue to let the Vestry, including the current Senior Warden and Rector know your thoughts as we move forward to preserve and enhance our beautiful campus, to the Glory of God and for the benefit of God’s people.

The Goals that the Vestry and Long Range Planning agreed upon in January 2011:


Update and reformat the 2002 Master Plan as an “organic” document with guiding principles for site improvements, recognition of past accomplishments, and specific projects that can be accomplished and altered over time.  The plan will project a 10 year vision and 5 year list of project priorities to meet that vision.  Rather than providing a stagnant snapshot, the Virtual Master Plan and accompanying budget will be constantly refined by current and future church leadership.  This approach reflects the actual development of the campus in recent years, including the preschool playground, elevator, etc.


We began to consider unifying themes that can be communicated to the parish under the umbrella of preserving and extending our St. Stephens “legacy.” These include building community through meeting/functional spaces, encouraging hospitality through a new church entrance/Narthex, developing spiritual opportunities for the church family and our neighbors by use of campus resources, and ensuring responsible green stewardship by modifications to the campus (such as the solar panels).


We acknowledged the milestones chronicled in the 2002 Master Plan.  In our first LRP meeting of 2011 we will adopt discussion topics for milestones to be developed at meetings.  Each meeting with have a clear focus, such as Larry’s Building Wish List, Understanding Church History, Green Stewardship, Financial Planning, Preschool and Youth Development, and so-on.  We will invite key stakeholders, including clergy, staff, and parishioners with talents to offer on the topic. Our preliminary findings may be shared in the Banner or website for parishioner feedback.  If we hold ten meetings over the year, we could be ready to present a draft Master Plan by next year’s annual meeting.